HellaShows is here to help you find out what's happening around the Bay Area. You can use it to search, filter, explore, and share shows from all around the Bay and Northern California. Our data comes from Steve Koepke's (excellent) Bay Area Entertainment Guide, where it is then packaged and delivered to your phone, tablet, or desktop through the magic of computers.


As local musicians and fans of live music, our team has seen firsthand how Steve's List has improved the Bay Area music community. That stated, we wanted to give something back and get The List in the hands of more people than ever.

How do I get my show onto the list?

HellaShows reads and interprets data from The Steve List. To get listed there, e-mail skoepke {at} stevelist dot com.

Anything else?

Thanks again from the Team:

- Matt and Tim (the Back- and Front-end departments, respectively)

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